Red-tailed Hawk

It was a cloudy morning. My friend Alex and I went on the 2nd annual Good Friday birdwatching walk at the Technoparc. There were about 120 people who showed up. At the end of the morning and 8000 steps later, we saw and heard 35 species of birds.  This was organized by Joel and friends. Check out their facebook page.

Our fearless leader Joel

_8501324 Joel

From the start there were lots of Red-winged Blackbird males fighting for territory.

_8501311 Red-winged Blackbird

Lot of American Robins.

_8501382 American Robin

Some American Crows landed on the fence with breakfast.

_8501393 American Crow

About a dozen Mallard duck were at the little pond

_8501415 Mallard

and some Canada Geese.

_8501454 Canada Goose

We spotted a Hairy Woodpecker looking for lunch

_8501430 Hairy Woodpecker

At the end of walk we saw Red-tailed Hawk flying overhead.

_8501471 Red-tail Hawk

Alex and I spotted an empty nest.

_8501343 Nest

I found this fuzzy thing hanging out a hole in a tree trunk. Anybody know what it could be.

_8501504 Fuzzy

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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