Cap St Jacques Nature Park

Eastern Bluebird (f)

It was a sunny and chilly morning (1 degree Celsius) for a walk with my friend Alex. He just started birding and photography. We walked for four (4) hours and over 10000 steps looking for interesting subjects to shoot.

We started by dawn’s early light.


I used the new Nikon d850 with the Sigma 150-600c. What can I say. The d850 is a beast of a camera. The details in each photo are exquisite.

Right from the start, American Robins were fly around look for breakfast.

_8500492 American Robin

Lots of Black-capped Chickadees.

_8500704 Black-capped Chickadee

We found a handful of Bluejays looking for food.

_8500503 Bluejay

We spotted a pair of Mourning Doves catching some rays.

_8500520 Mourning Doves

A male Northern Cardinal stopped by.

_8500525 Northern cardnal

A few White-throated Sparrows were foraging.

_8500534 White-throated Sparrow

While snapping a photo of a chickadee, a White-breasted Nuthatch stopped in front of us.

_8500604 White-breasted Nuthatch

We found a dozen Cedar Waxwings on the sunny side of the path.

_8500629 Cedar Waxwing

On the dark side of the path were some Dark-eyed Juncos

_8500641 Dark-eyed Junco

and American Goldfinches.

_8500662 American Goldfinch

Nobody home! we found a swallows nest.

_8500734 nest

Among a flock of American Robins we found an Eastern Bluebird (f).

_8500559 Eastern Bluebird (f)

We spotted our first American Tree Sparrow for the season.

_8500757 American tree sparrow

A few Hairy Woodpeckers here and there.

_8500593 Hairy Woodpecker

_8500544 Downy Woodpecker

Lots of Downy Woodpeckers

_8500596 Downy Woodpecker

_8500699 Downy Woodpecker

Lots of Red Squirrels running around. We spotted one getting ready for winter.

_8500751 Red Squirrel

A Grey Squirrel scurrying about.

_8500540 Grey SquirrelL

At the farm, a horse grazing.

_8500714 Horse

You looking a me? A staring contest

_8500729 Donkey

The scenery was beautiful.

_8500681 Trees

_8500685 Leaf

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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