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Wood Duck.

October 28, 2017

It was a cold morning (3 degrees Celsius) when we started and warmed up to 17 by the time we finished. 11 of us brave the chilly air and enjoyed the sunshine on the BQP event lead by Sheldon. We bundled up with layers and hats and mittens. It was hard to shoot with gloves on.

My daughter Shannon and I went to Granby and we saw the sunrise as we got near the park. Halloween is just around the corner. We saw dozens of murders on the way in. There were American Crows everywhere.

She wanted to try out the new Nikon D850 camera body with the 300mm f4 with a tc-14 (420mm f5.6)

While waiting in the parking lot for people, we saw Black-capped Chickadees, Dark-eyed Juncos, Bluejays, American Crows and a Raven. Flocks of Canada Geese and Snow Geese overhead. What a start.

Shannon shot these while waiting using the d850 and 300 mm with tc-14. The early morning light was low and lots of shade.

850_0033 Dark-eyed Junco

850_0058 Blue Jay

850_0064 Blue Jay

On the trail, we noticed a Mourning Dove in a tree and on the path.

_6101289 Mourning Dove

Shannon took this shot.

850_0201 Mourning Dove

We saw Bluejays everywhere. One landed on a tree in front of us. Here are some comparison shots.

_6101299 Blue Jay

850_0092 Blue Jay

_6101328 Blue Jay

850_0112 Blue Jay

Black-capped Chickadees were very friendly. We had seeds and corn for them.

_6101375 Black-capped Chickadee

Harle’s hat trick.

_6101652 Black-capped Chickadee

Shannon shot these with the d850

850_0141 Black-capped Chickadee

850_0152 Black-capped Chickadee

850_0362 Black-capped Chickadee

We heard a high pitched tweet and found some Kinglets. Shannon got this heavily cropped shot of a Golden-crowned Kinglet.

850_0191 Golden Crowned Kinglet

We heard a White and then a Red-breasted Nuthatch and we found a White-breasted Nuthatch.

_6101384 White-breasted Nuthatch

850_0171 White-breasted Nuthatch

There were Dark-eyed Juncos here ard there.

_6101645 Dark-eyed Junco

We saw a Downy Woodpecker.

850_0179 Downy Woodpecker

Canada Geese flew overhead.

_6101428 Canada Geese

Some Snow Geese

_6101669 Snow Geese

850_0394 Snow Geese

One big flock of Red-wing Blackbirds heading for warmer fields.

850_0373 Red-wing Blackbirds

We saw some Mallard and Wood ducks by the boardwalk

850_0226 Mallard

_6101425 Mallard

_6101609 Mallard

850_0326 Mallard

Wood Ducks photos by Calvin and Shannon.

_6101605 Wood Duck

_6101620 Wood Duck

850_0297 Wood Duck

850_0318 Wood Duck

850_0334 Wood Duck

850_0202 Wood Duck

We saw a few American Robins.

_6101695 American Robin

Red Squirrels everywhere.

_6101339 Red Squirrel

_6101664 Red Squirrel

850_0411 Red Squirrel

Shannon found some interesting subjects.

850_0393 Dragonfly

850_0121 Leaves

We notices some leaves near the trail. The morning light illuminating through the leaves. It was an interesting study in colour, light and shadows. Here are Shannon’s and my interpretation.

_6101701 Leaves

850_0417 Leaves

We went Roxton Pond to see the Snow Goose. We found thousands of them in the distance. They just kept on going. Two Bald Eagles were flying around on the opposite shore. Some Double-crested Cormorants and Ring-billed Gulls were in the middle of the pond. There was a Great Blue Heron nearby. It took off as we arrived.

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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