Mount Royal Cemetery

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Saturday 2017 09 30 Mount Royal Cemetery

It was sunny and chilly Saturday morning, about 6c. A cool start for a walk with King and Yvonne.

We saw lots of American Crows on the ground, flying around, and perched on branches.

_DSC0664 American Crows

There were lots of Kinglets. They were very active and rarely stayed still. Very hard to follow and photograph.

We saw some Golden-crowned Kinglets.

_DSC0643 Golden-crowned Kinglet

_DSC0623 Golden-crowned Kinglet

and some Ruby-crowned Kinglets.

_DSC0567 Ruby-crowned Kinglet

In the distance we heard a woodpecker. We got closer and found a Hairy Woodpecker.

_DSC0617 Hairy Woodpecker

Far away, a bird landed on the top of a tree. I thought it was a raptor and I could not tell which one. I quickly chose to use my binoculars to verify this. Yes, is was a small raptor. At first, I thought, maybe a Peregrine Falcon. I switched to my camera to get a shot. When I focused and pressed the shutter, it took off. As I sit here, with my cup of coffee, and look at my photos, I am thinking What are you? This is not a Peregrine Falcon. It is a Merlin. I am getting better at this. I think.

_DSC0569 Merlin

A minute later, A Bluejay land on the same tree top.

_DSC0584 Bluejay

Yvonne spotted a male Northern Cardinal getting some sun.

_DSC0506 Northern Cardinal

We found a Dark-eye Junco in the pine trees. Winter is coming.

_DSC0443 Dark-eyed Junco

Lots of Song Sparrows.

_DSC0426 Song Sparrow

We found some warblers and weren’t sure which one it was. Looking at it with my cup of coffee in one hand and mouse in the other. It helps that I have a big monitor in front of me. It is not a Chestnut-sided Warbler. It has been pointed out that this is a Bay-breasted Warbler. Thank Carole for the help.

_DSC0412 Bay-breasted Warbler

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.



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