Ste Martine

Lesser Yellowlegs

It was a beautiful sunny morning. A great day for bird watching. I decided to go to Sainte Martine. There have been reports of Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs sightings. Beautiful site.


I took a selfie.


There were American Robins and Ceder waxwings in the trees by the side of the road. A Yellow rumped Warbler (Myrtle) landed in a dead tree nearby.

_DSC9351 Yellow rumped Warbler (Myrtle)

Followed by a Blue Jay.

_DSC9361 Blue Jay

There were lots of birds in the water. A Ringed-bill Gull ventured close to shore and I got this shot.

_DSC9405 Ringed-bill Gull

There were Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs here and there. This is a Lesser Yellowleg by the falls.

_DSC9573 Lesser Yellowlegs

Nearby, was a Greater Yellowleg walking about.

_DSC9564 Greater Yellowlegs

A Lesser Yellowleg was looking for breakfast near the shore.

_DSC9513 Lesser Yellowlegs

Further out, a Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs were next to each other. You can see the differences between the two. They look alike. The Lesser is smaller and has a shorter bill. The Greater is bigger and has a longer bill.

_DSC9649 Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs

Why is there a second photo of the two. The above photo was take with my Sigma 150-600C lens and cropped. The one below was taken with my scope and phone. I use a PhoneSkope adapter to connect scope and phone. To minimize vibrations, I used the bluetooth remote from a selfie stick to take the photo. Not too bad.

20170917_101152  Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs

Lots of Mallard Ducks flying about, in the water and getting some sun.

_DSC9654 Ducks

This looks like An American Black Duck and a Mallard Duck on a rock as seen through the scope.

20170917_101445 Ducks

Lots of Canada Canada Geese flying overhead.

_DSC9653 Canada Geese

There were Asters near the shore. The bees were buzzing and flying from flower to flower.

_DSC9600 Bee

Hundreds of Painted Lady Butterflies in the area.

_DSC9610 Painter Lady

and one Monarch Butterfly in a sea of orange.

_DSC9614 Monarch Butterfly

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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