Parc nature de l’Île de la Visitation


It was a cloudy and chilly morning, about 7 degrees Celsius. A nice day for bird watching and walking. We followed Joel around the park. There were lots of teaching moments.

As I got my camera ready, a fox with breakfast passed by.

_DSC8722 Red Fox

We spotted a Double-crested Cormorant standing on shore. Not its usual behavior.

_DSC8753 Double Crested Cormorant

In a tree far far away, we spotted a Merlin. It looked better in a scope.

_DSC8767 Merlin

On the far bank, a Great Blue Heron was looking for something.

_DSC8780 Great Blue Heron

There were a few Grey Catbirds around.

_DSC8795 Grey Catbird

There were a few Flycatchers around. We saw a Yellow-bellied Flaycatcher. I could not get a shot. I think this is a Eastern Wood Pewee.

_DSC8801 Eastern wood Pewee

Quite a few Northern Cardinal were here and there. A female landed on a open branch.

_DSC8804 Northern Cardinal

The male was shy and stayed in the shady part of the brush.

_DSC8945 Northern Cardinal

There were woodpeckers around the park. A few Northern Flickers were flying here and there.

_DSC8832 Northern Flicker

Lots of Song Sparrows.

_DSC8843 Song Sparrow

We found 10 warblers today. It was difficult to find and take a picture of them. They are small and hide among the leaves. I tried to identify them. Let me know if I am wrong.

American Redstart female

_DSC8974 American Redstart (f)

Blackpoll Warbler

_DSC8853 Blackpoll Warbler

Tennessee Warbler (juvenile) Maybe?

_DSC8869 Tennessee Warbler (Juvenile)

Tennessee Warbler

_DSC8887 Tennesee Warbler

Nashville Warbler

_DSC8878 Nashvill Warbler

Nashville Warbler

_DSC9013 Nashvile Warbler

Mallard ducks were swimming around.

_DSC8745 Mallard

Wood Ducks

_DSC8926 Word Duck

American Black Duck. Looks like a Mallard but darker.

_DSC8935 American Black Duck

Canada Geese overhead.

_DSC8984 Canada Goose

A tale of three gulls.

At the spillway, there were hundreds of Ringed-billed Gulls. A few Herring and 2 Great Black-backed Gulls. We were going to have a teach moment. Then we spotted the three right next to each other. The Ringed-bill is the small one in front. In middle is the larger Herring Gull with a red spot on the bill. In the back is the huge Great Black-backed Gull.

_DSC9006 Ringed-bill, Herring Gull & Great Black Back Gull

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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