Cooper's Hawk

It was a beautiful morning for a walk after all the rain we had. It was sunny and cool. There were 11 of us in total including our organizer and guide Joel.

Our guide Joel with a Orgyia definita larvae also known as a definite-marked tussock moth.

_DSC8238 Joel and Orgyia definita

We saw  some Canada Geese flying overhead.

_DSC7982 canada goose

There were adult and juvenile Cedar Waxwings here and there.

_DSC8035 Cedar Waxwing

A Cooper’s Hawk juvenile landed on a tree close by. We noticed there were some downy feathers on the lower part of the chest.

_DSC8001 Cooper's hawk

There was a juvenile basking in the sun. I think it is a Juvenile Red-eyed Vireo.

_DSC8049 Juvenile

Two adult Red-eyed Vireos were chasing each other. I managed to get a shot.

_DSC8050 Red-eyed Vireo

Nearby a Downy Woodpecker was looking for breakfast.

_DSC8055 Downy Woodpecker

There were plenty Mallard Ducks.

_DSC8093 Mallard

_DSC8110 Mallard

A Northern Cardinal (female)

_DSC8097 Northern Cardinal

A couple of Eastern Kingbirds.

_DSC8126 Eastern Kingbird

An American Goldfinch landed in the patch of flowers in front of me.

_DSC8177 American Goldfinch

We heard a few Grey Catbirds calling and this one landed on a branch nearby.

_DSC8185 Grey Catbird

Lots of American Robins.

_DSC8192 American Robin

We heard a family of House Wrens sounding the alarm and easily found them.

_DSC8235 House Wren

Some Northern Flickers in a tree.

_DSC8237 Northern Flicker

We came across this orange Dragonfly.

_DSC7995 Orange Dragonfly

Walking around we notice a Monarch Butterfly. Yes, this is a Monarch and not a Viceroy.

_DSC8199 Monarch butterfly

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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