Spotted Sandpiper

It was a lovely morning for a walk in the Technoparc area. Joel led the group on a lively and informative walk.

I spotted a Northern Harrier with lunch in the distance at the Marais des Sources. We saw a Least Bittern fly by just 2 meters in front of us. Hidden in the reeds, we spotted a family of Common Gallinule, there were 3 chicks and 2 parents.

We saw and or heard 48 species of birds today.

Here are photos of some of the birds we saw today.

Song Sparrow

_DSC7290 Song Sparrow

Great Egret

_DSC7294 Great Egret

Killdeer and Juvenile

_DSC7342 Killdeer

Great Blue heron

_DSC7348 great Blue Heron

American Robin

_DSC7366 American Robin

Spotted Sandpiper Juvenile

_DSC7383 Spotted Sandpiper (J)

Spotted Sandpiper with Lunch

_DSC7425 Spotted Sandpiper

_DSC7430 Spotted Sandpiper


_DSC7449 Mallard

A baby bunny hidomg in the grass

_DSC7452 Bunny

American Robin

_DSC7479 American Robin (J)

Downy woodpecker

_DSC7483 Downy woodpecker

Eastern Kingbird

_DSC7512 Easten Kingbird

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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