I was up at 5:30 am. The birds were chirping and it was sunny. Another fine day for a walk and bird watching. I had borrow Stan’s Tamron 150 -600mm Gen 2  lens for the weekend and mounted the Tamron on to my spare crop sensor  camera body. I will compare it to my Sigma 150-600 c mounted on a full frame body. The is not exactly the same. However it will have to do. This setup will allow me to have both lens ready to shot. Of course, I had to carry both as I walked around. This should be interesting.


I got to the Technoparc at 6 am and it was a cool 12 degrees Celsius. A Great Blue Heron flew over as I arrived and landed somewhere in the big pond. I walked over to the big pond and I saw the Great Blue Heron taking off deeper in the pond. I noticed a Great Egret way in he back. This was shot with the Tamron.

DSC_4655 Great Egret

Afterwards,  the Great Egret took off. I managed to get this shot with the Sigma

_DSC7848 Great Egret

I found a Killdeer wandering around in the fields. In the early morning sun, I got a shot of the Killdeer with the morning dew and the sun in the back with the Sigma.

_DSC7788 Killdeer

I switched to the Tamron and got a shot of the Killdeer in the shade.

DSC_4693 Killdeer

I found a Hare frozen by the side of the path. I shot with the Sigma

_DSC7795 Hare

and Tamron. I cropped them to be the same.

DSC_4733 Hare

I noticed what I thought was a Eastern Phoebe. It has been pointed out that it could be a Eastern Wood-pewee or a Trail’s (Willow/Alder) Flycatcher. More research. I shot first with the Sigma

_DSC7798 Eastern Phoebe

and then the Tamron. I cropped them to be the same.

DSC_4740 Eastern Phoebe

Song Sparrow shot the Sigma

_DSC7802 Song Sparrow

and then with the Tamron

DSC_4745 Song Sparrow

I shot some European Starlings with the Sigma

_DSC7808 European Starlings

then with the Tamron. I did not crop the images. I wanted to see the difference between a crop and full frame sensor. Interesting.

DSC_4764 European Starlings

I noticed a Downy Woodpecker. This was taken with the Sigma.

_DSC7821 Downy Woodpecker

Walking around I noticed a another Killdeer walking around. I shot this with the Sigma.

_DSC7824 Killdeer

I switched to the Tamron and follow it around and got this.

DSC_4795 Killdeer

I got this pic of an American Robin with the Tamron. It took off before I could switch cameras.

DSC_4814 American Robin

Speaking about taking off, I got this plane with Tamron as it was flying by.

DSC_4841 Plane

I found a Song Sparrow and got this with the Tamron

DSC_4918 Song Sparrow

After a couple of hours of walking around with 2 cameras and big 150-600 lenses, I felt the strain and decided to go home and rest. As I was driving, I felt better and decide to go to Centennial park in Dollard des Ormeaux.

Centennial Park

I noticed a Mallard duck resting. I got this with the Sigma

_DSC7881 Mallard

and this with the Tamron from the same spot.

DSC_4939 Mallard

I got a shot of a Canada Goose with the Sigma

_DSC7886 Canada Goose

I got up close and personal with the Tamron.

DSC_4950 Canada Goose

I notice a pair of Wood Ducks – Mother and Child


_DSC7898 Wood Duck


DSC_4964 Wood Duck

There were a few American Crows around. This one landed on the fence. I got this with the Sigma

_DSC7915 American Crow

As I was switching cameras, It took off and another one took its place. So. i shot it with the Tamron

DSC_4997 American Crow

As I was walking around, I saw this Mallard in the grass. I shot this with the Tamron.

DSC_4951 Mallard

I saw a Painted lady butterfly. It was swaying gently with the light breeze. I got this with Sigma

_DSC7888 Painted Lady Butterfly

I shot this with the Tamron.

DSC_4960 Painted Lady Butterfly

I could not find a discernible difference between both lenses. They are both very good lenses and yielded very similar photos.

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.