Common Yellow Throat

I woke up very early and went to the Technoparc in Ville St Laurent to watch the birds. I got there as the sun was rising. It was a beautiful sunrise.

_DSC2943 Sunrise

I met Paul from BPQ at the smaller pond. It was calm and quite.

_DSC2933 Technoparc

Just some Mallard Ducks.

_DSC2948 Mallard

and Green Herons.

_DSC2949 Green Heron

We heard and saw quite a few birds. Most were too far away to get a good photo. Here is a Norther Flicker in a tree across the pond.

_DSC2992 Northern Flicker

and a Downy woodpecker too

_DSC3021 Downy Woodpecker

We saw European Starlings, American Robins,  and a pair of Eastern Phoebes were flying around. They were too far for a good photo. Three Green Herons landed on a nearby tree.

_DSC3030 Green Heron

There were a few female Common Yellow Throat warblers flying around.

_DSC3103 Common Yellow Throat

Some American Goldfinch

_DSC3146 American Goldfinch

and some Song Sparrows.

_DSC3150 Song Sparrow

A plane flying over the moon.

_DSC3041 plane

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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