Red-headed Woodpecker

I went to the BPQ summer outing to Sainte Martine. It was a nice morning for bird watching. There were many shore birds and ducks further out.

There was a Peregrine Falcon looking over things.

_DSC2458 Peregrine Falcon

Plenty of Killdeer

_DSC2443 Killdeer

and Lesser Yellowlegs

_DSC2464 Lesser Yellowlegs

A few Solitary Sandpiper

_DSC2546 Solitary Sandpiper

A couple of Short/Longed Billed Dowitchers. We could not positively identify if this was a longed or short billed.

_DSC2645 SL Billed Dowitcher

and some Least Sandpiper

_DSC2831 Least Sandpiper

Lots of activity

_DSC2549 Lesser Yellowlegs

On the island, in the middle of the river, there were Great Blue Herons, Black-crowned Night Herons and an Egret. I could not get a shot of the Black-crowned Night Herons.

_DSC2747 Great Blue Heron

Great Egret

_DSC2748 Great Egret

There some Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers in a shady tree. This is a shot of a Hairy Woodpecker.

_DSC2832 Hairy Woodpecker

Yellow Warblers

_DSC2839 Yellow Warbler

_DSC2841 Yellow Warbler

Song Sparrow

_DSC2844 Song Sparrow

We went Rang du 40 to see the Red-headed woodpecker. There it was perched on a fence post near the barn.

_DSC2895 Red-headed Woodpecker

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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