Ile Bizard nature park

Great Egret

I went for a walk today at parc nature Ile Bizard. It was a hot and muggy morning.



The early morning sunlight hit these flowers and brighten them up.



I found an American Robin having some berries for breakfast.

_DSC2061 American  Robin

There were a few Belted kingfishers. I got one in flight and a female looking for her next meal.

_DSC2093 Belted Kingfisher

_DSC2226 Belted Kingfisher

Lots of Mallards.

_DSC2106 Mallard

I got my ducks lined up.

_DSC2334 Mallard

A Green Heron landed on a branch close to the boardwalk.

_DSC2175 Green Heron

A Great Blue Heron in a tree.

_DSC1797 Great Blue Heron

A Great Egret flying around and landed behind a clump of dead trees.

_DSC2194 Great Egret

_DSC2304 Great Egret

There was a Merlin over the second boardwalk.

_DSC2248 Merlin

I heard a Virginia Rail near the boardwalk. It took a few minutes to spot it. Bonus! It is a Virginia Rail chick.

_DSC2310 Virginia Rail

An American Bittern flew by and landed on the far side of the pond. I was able to get an ok shot.

_DSC2322 American Bittern

There was an Eastern Kingbird sitting on branch.

_DSC2342 Eastern Kingbird

I heard a Red-eyed Vireo. I found a pair in tree. After a few minutes, one popped out in to the open. Checkout the beady red eyes.

_DSC2358 Red-eyed Vireo

Painted Turtles & Bullfrogs

_DSC2350 Painted Turtles

_DSC2353 American Bullfrog

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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