Ile Bizard nature park

Virginia Rail

This was a hot and muggy day for a walk. The temperature was 19 degrees Celsius early in the morning. It was 31 degrees when I finished a few hours later. I waged a bloody (mostly mine) battle with the mosquitoes.


I heard a few birds as I started walking along the path. I could not find the Cardinals. I did find an American Redstart.

_DSC9292 American Redstart

Over the first boardwalk, a Turkey Vulture was circling around.

_DSC9353 Turkey Vulture

There were Marsh Wren hiding in the reeds.

_DSC9381 March Wren

A Yellow Warbler landed on a branch nearby.

_DSC9391 Yellow Warbler

A Song Sparrow

_DSC9442 Song Sparrow

A Blue Jay up a tree.

_DSC9447 Blue Jay

At the second boardwalk, a pair of Mallards were on a log.

_DSC9472 Mallard (m)

_DSC9474 Mallard (f)

I noticed a Black-crowned Night Heron on the far side of the marsh.

_DSC9490 Black-crowned Night Heron

There were Swamp Sparrows.

_DSC9514 Swamp Sparrow

I have been hearing a Virginia Rail in the marsh many times over the years. I could never see it. Today, the call was loud. It had to be nearby. A little patience and there it it is.

_DSC9549 Virginia Rail

Bonus! Virginia Rail chicks.

_DSC9554 Virginia Rail

Virginia Rail chicks and mom.

_DSC9557 Virginia Rail

lots of Red-winged Blackbirds

_DSC9562 Red-winged Blackbird

and lots of Tree Swallows

_DSC9579 Tree Swallow

a few Eastern Kingbirds

_DSC9599 Eastern Kingbird

a Common Tern with lunch.

_DSC9610 Common Tern

a Common Grackle.

_DSC9618 Common Grackle

There were thousands of dragonflies of various species.

_DSC9435 Dragonfly

_DSC9465 Dragonfly

_DSC9564 Dragonfly

_DSC9614 Dragonfly

A few Painted Turtles here and there.

_DSC9458 Painted Turtle

A Bullfrog

_DSC9466 Bullfrog

First one this year.

_DSC9624 Flower

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

2 thoughts on “Ile Bizard nature park”

  1. Hi Calvin,
    Nice shots.
    If you are interested I think I can identify several of your dragonflies.
    In order, Chalk-fronted Corporal, Dot-tailed Whiteface (note the white face and small yellow dot near the end of the “tail”), Four-spotted Skimmer and a Baskettail sp. that is probably a Beaverpond Baskettail. As always, don’t bet the farm on these ID’s, I’m a newbie at Odonates.

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