Bois de Liesse Nature Park

Great Crested Flycatcher

Shannon, Erik, and I went for an afternoon nature walk in the sunshine. It was about 25 degrees Celsius.


Shannon and Erik found a Gray Catbird.

_DSC9224 Gray Catbird

A Cherry tree

_DSC9229 Cherry tree

Erik spotted a female American Redstart.

_DSC9245 American Redstart (f)

Shannon spotted a Great Crested Flaycatcher.

_DSC9261 Great Crested Flycatcher

A Mourning Cloak butterfly landed on the branch next to the trail.

_DSC9276 Mourning Cloak

Shannon and Erik got a shot of a male Baltimore Oriole.

_DSC3815 Baltimore Oriole (m)

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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