Refuge faunique Marguerite-D’Youville on Île Saint-Bernard

Yellowed-bellied Sapsucker

I went on the BPQ walk today. There were about 27 birders. It was sunny and warm. We decided to do the north side, then cut across and back to the center. A beautiful day for a walk.



There were Gray Catbirds

_DSC8706 Gray Catbird

and Yellow Warblers to greet us.

_DSC8745 Yellow Warbler

At the first lookout there were a pair of Downy Woodpeckers. The male was making a nest and the female was watching.

_DSC8802 Downy Woodpecker (m)

_DSC8796 Downy Woodpecker (f)

Common Grackle and Red-winged Blackbirds were everywhere.

_DSC8818 Common Grackle

_DSC8821 Red-winged Blackbird (m)

Ring-billed Gull standing on a rock.

_DSC8825 Ringed-bill Gull

We spotted / heard various warblers. I managed to get a shot of a Yellow-rumped warbler male.

_DSC8832 Yellow-rump Warbler Male Myrtle

I found a Warbling Vireo with nesting material.

_DSC8842 Warbling Vireo

Song Sparrow singing

_DSC8852 Song Sparrow

I got this shot of a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker from about 2 meters. It landed on tree near me. Then it flew on to a tree next to me.

_DSC8906 Yellowed-bellied Sapsucker

There were  Hairy Woodpeckers too.

_DSC8934 Hairy Woodpecker (m)

_DSC9099 Hairy Woodpecker

_DSC9202 Hairy Woodpecker (f)

A pair of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks

_DSC8945 Rose-breasted Grosbesk (m)

_DSC8955 Rose-breasted Grosbesk (f)

White-breasted Nuthatch


A group of photographers were shooting birds in a clearing. I was curious and went over to check them out. A colourful male Baltimore Oriole landed behind them. They collectively turned around and started to click away. I took a few shots and left to rejoin my fellow birders. This was my experimentation with the dark side. Photographers taking pictures of birds.

_DSC8972 Baltimore Oriole (m)

I founded my fellow birders excitedly standing around waiting for the female American Redstart to return to her nest.


We found a female Baltimore Oriole struggling to get nesting material.

_DSC9029 Baltimore Oriole (f)

I spotted this immature Tree Swallow gathering nest material.

_DSC9054 Tree Swallow (i)

There were quite a few White-tailed Deer and Squirrels around.

_DSC9071 White-tailed Deer

_DSC9073 gray Squirrel

The Black-capped Chickadees were everywhere and very friendly. One landed on my finger as I pointing. Unfortunately, it was my trigger finger and I couldn’t get a photo.

_DSC9105 Black-capped Chickadee

I spotted a big black bird near the brush and I thought a Raven. I whipped out my binoculars and got a closer look. Better than a Raven, it was a Pileated Woodpecker. Upon further examination, there was no red mustache. A female. She flew to a log ahead of us and then to a tree. She found lunch.

_DSC9139 Pileated Woodpecker (f)

We spotted a mink darting around. There was not enough light in the underbrush. My settings were for birds on a branch, not a Mink running around.

_DSC9145 Mink

My first Eastern Kingbird this year.

_DSC9159 Eastern Kingbird

A Great Blue Heron and Great Egret flew over the marsh.

_DSC9161 Great Blue Heron

_DSC9162 Great Egret

A Pied-billed Grebe was diving in the marsh.

_DSC9174 Pied-billed Grebe

A Dragonfly landed on a reed next to me.

_DSC9186 Dragonfly

A Canada Goose sat on the grass next to the trail.

_DSC9193 Canada Goose

A few Painted Turtles basking in the sun.

_DSC9194 Painted Turtles

I notice this Garter Snake next to the trail.

_DSC9213 Garter Snake

Here is a female Brown-headed Cowbird looking for a nest to lay her egg.

_DSC9219 Brown-headed Cowbird (f)

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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