Ile Bizard nature park

I went for an evening walk at Ile Bizard nature park with BPQ members. It was a beautiful spring evening about 17 degrees Celcius and sunny. We saw and heard 37 species of birds. Also some tadpoles and frogs. A muskrat and a turtle.

Northern Cardinal

_DSC7795 Northern Cardinal

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

_DSC7796 Ruby-crowned Kinglet

American Red Squirrel

_DSC7828 Red Squirrel

Downy Woodpecker

_DSC7833 Downy Woodpecker

Woodpecker nest

_DSC7863 Hairy Woodpecker

Belted Kingfisher

_DSC7876 Belted Kingfisher

Northern Roughed-winged Swallow

_DSC7900 Rough-winged Swallow

We found a pair of Northern Roughed-winged Swallow

_DSC7950 Rough-winged Swallow

Some Canada Goose

_DSC7908 Canada Goose

_DSC7945 Canada Goose

We spotted a female Hooded Merganser

_DSC7965 Hooded merganser (f)

There were many Common Grackles around.

_DSC7968 Common Grackle

We spotted a Muskrat swimming.

_DSC7983 Muskrat

Many Red-winged blackbirds were in the marsh.

_DSC8001 Red-Winged Blackbird (f)

_DSC8012 Red-Winged Blackbird (m)

Tree Swallows were all over the marsh.

_DSC8050 Tree Swallow

Swallows on a tree.

_DSC8079 Tree Swallow

There was a Red-shouldered Hawk in the distance.

_DSC8063 Red-shouldered hawk

There were Mallards.

_DSC8070 Mallard (m)

Swamp Sparrows singing in the reeds. We saw a Marsh Wren fly by and disappear in to the reeds.

_DSC8081 Swamp Sparrow

We were looking at a Great Blue Heron in the reeds. After a while it flew out of the reeds, landed on a branch, and looked at the sunset.

_DSC8104 Great Blue Heron

_DSC8109 Great Blue Heron

_DSC8128 Great Blue Heron

As the sun was setting, we spotted a Northern Flicker.

_DSC8140 Northern Flicker

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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