Ile Bizard nature park

Warning. This blog contains graphic images of nature. It is intended for a outdoor type of audience. Please leave now if your sensibilities are easily offended.

I went to Ile Bizard nature park for a morning walk. I met Jacques on the boarkwalk looking for a Grebe. He saw it, then it dove, and he couldn’t find it again. We went bird watching together. It was a cloudy, chilly, and windy morning. Not much activity today. Got in a nice walk before it started to rain.


Found some Mallards in the woods.

_DSC7177 Mallard

The were some Golden-crowned Kinglets and Ruby-crowned Kinglets flying around. This is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

_DSC7180 Ruby-crowned Kinglet

I found one Painted Turtle.

_DSC7183 Painted Turtle

The were a few Common Grackles in the marsh area.

_DSC7203 Common Grackle

A Red-shouldered Hawk flew by. Jacques and I had a discussion as which hawk this was.

_DSC7209 Red-shouldered Hawk

There were a lot of Tree Swallows. They are occupying the nest boxes.

_DSC7214 Tree Swallow

At the second boardwalk, Jacques spotted an Hooded merganser standing on a log at the far end on the pond. We discussing whether it a was female or juvenile. Suddenly, we heard splashing and the Hooded Merganser took off and was being chased by a Male Hooded Merganser.

_DSC7261 Hooded Merganser

The chase was on. After circling around twice. They landed and the male lunged after the female.

_DSC7275 Hooded Merganser

A brief courtship, some Hooded Merganser loving.

_DSC7307 Hooded Merganser

He is happy.

_DSC7308 Hooded Merganser

She is standing on a log by herself.

_DSC7399 Hooded Merganser

Swamp Sparrows were singing in the reeds.

_DSC7438 Swamp Sparrow

Canada Goose on a pile of reeds.

_DSC7456 Canada Goose

Red-winged blackbird in the reeds.

_DSC7466 Red-winged Blackbird

A Northern Flicker landed on a dead tree near me. I managed to get a shot before it took off.

_DSC7474 Northern Flicker

I tried to get a shot of the Flicker flying.

_DSC7475 Northern Flicker

I found some American Goldfinches.

_DSC7488 American Goldfinch

There were a few White-throated Sparrows in the brush.

_DSC7494 White-throated Sparrow

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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