Summit Woods

I went to the Westmount Lookout where Summit Woods are located. It was cloudy and cold this morning. Just 1 degree Celsius with a north wind. I had thick socks, gloves, winter coat and a down vest. I thought I was done with winter. I needed gloves to use my camera. The light was dull and dim in the trees. My lens has a 5 stop optical stabilization and I needed all 5 stops. I was shooting 1/320 f7.1 hand held. The results were pretty good. Jane was our leader and Joel helped with the identification and some teaching points.


In the woods, we saw a few Brown Creepers going a up a couple of trees. They are hard to spot. A small brown bird on a brown tree. Go figure.

_DSC6841 Brown Creeper

Two Northern Flickers flew across. One kept on going and the second one landed near the top of a tree among the branches. This was manual focus. Auto-focus will hunt and pick a branch in front.

_DSC6850 Northern Flicker

There were some Black-capped Chickadees and White-breasted Nuthatches high up near the top. We heard a crow and the spotted it, then lost it among the trees. We saw a Turkey Vulture flying over Cote des Neiges among the buildings just below the tree line.

We walked along the path below the lookout. There was not much protection from the wind. It was cold. There were some avian activity. We heard some Northern cardinals, but we didn’t see them.

There were a few American Robins.

_DSC6864 American Robin

Some Song Sparrows.

_DSC6867 Song Sparrow

There were Golden-Crown Kinglets and Ruby-Crowned Kinglets. They were very vocal and active.

_DSC6870 Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

_DSC6893 Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

_DSC6950 Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

We saw two Hermit Thrushes.

_DSC6958 Hermit Thrush

A bunch of White-throated Sparrows were looking for food in the grassy area.

_DSC6968 White-throated Sparrow

About a dozen Darked-eyed Juncos were looking next to the White-throated Sparrows. Sometimes, a Junco would fly on to a branch.

_DSC6978 Dark-eyed Junco

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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