Bois de Liesse nature park

Shannon, Erik and I went bird watching at Bois de Liesse nature park today. It was a chilly morning. about 4 degrees. We headed east and then north to the Pittfield house.


In one of the clearings, Erik spotted a brown bird in the brush on the far side. I took a shot before it took off. It looks like a Hermit Thrush.

_DSC6585 Hermit Thrush

In the brush, next to the path, we spotted a little bird going from branch to branch. Rarely staying still for a few seconds. Finally, it stopped on a small branch, in a clear patch. I got this shot of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

_DSC6599 Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Next to the path, a pair of Mallards were looking for food. Suddenly, the male Mallard got out of the water and started to walk across the path. Half way across, he turned back and returned to the pond. I pondered the age old question. Why did the duck cross the path?

_DSC6608 mallard (m)

_DSC6613 mallard (f)

There were Song Sparrows singing here and there. The question was asked. Do they know any other songs?

_DSC6623 Song Sparrow

We spotted a Brown Creeper going from tree to tree.

_DSC6630 Brown Creeper

We heard ‘feebee’ . we found the Eastern Phoebe on a branch next to the bridge near the train overpass. He was close and has some nest material.

_DSC6646 Eastern Phoebe

Shannon found some Cedar Waxwings.

_DSC6653 Cedar Waxwing

Near the clearing, we heard a Northern Cardinal. It was getting louder. We waited and then it landed on a branch next to the path. I got this before it continued on in to the brush.

_DSC6659 Northern Cardinal

In the distance we thought we saw a crow on the top of a tree. We took a shot and zoomed in. Surprise, it was a brown-headed Cowbird.

_DSC6660 Brown-headed Cowbird

Here is a tough one. We spotted a brown blob in the distance. Way in the distance. We said it was a hawk. But which one? We took a shot and it was too far to get details. A second one came by and this one took after it. We lost it in the trees.

_DSC6666 Hawk

There were a few Black-capped Chickadees around the park.

_DSC6668 Black-capped Chickadee

That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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  1. Hi, Calvin
    Your brown blob in the distance does have the colour scheme of a Red-shouldered Hawk but is a long way away for positive D. If pressed I would say the “blurrius” subspecies!

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