Centennial Park in the evening

Today was a beautiful spring day. The sky was clear and the temperature 10 c. I swapped lens with my friend. I borrow his Nikon 70-300mm vr lens and he took my Nikon 300 f4. The 70-300 is smaller and lighter and less expensive compared to the 300 f4. I put the 70-300 on to the d7000 and went for an evening walk. At the start of the walk, the sun was bright and shinny. By the end, it was setting and the light was fading.

Here we have an American Robin on a branch

_DSC2199 American Robin

Here is a Mallard coming up.

_DSC2221 Mallard (m)

This is a Common Grackle in the sun.

_DSC2300 Common Grackle

I tried some bird in flight (BIF) shots.

_DSC2311 Ring-billed Gull

There were a lot of Red-winged Blackbirds.

_DSC2328 Red-winged Blackbird

This an island in the middle of Centennial lake.


I found an American Goldfinch way up in a tree.

_DSC2359 American Goldfinch

There we quite a few squirrels in the brush.

_DSC2399 Squirrel

Here is a pair of Mallards in the woods.

_DSC2441 Mallard (m)

_DSC2443 Mallard (f)

A few Canada Geese were swimming around.

_DSC2476 Canada Goose

I found a pair of Wood Ducks near the shore.

_DSC2527 Wood Duck (m)

_DSC2535  Wood Duck (m)

The sun was setting and I tried to take a photo of some leaves and a tree.



That all for today’s walk.

Est numquam etiam nuper committitur Birding.

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