Refuge faunique Marguerite-D’Youville on Île Saint-Bernard

I decided to walk in Châteauguay today at the Refuge fauniqueMarguerite-D’Youville on Île Saint-Bernard. I was here last summer and I wanted see it in spring.

There were quite a few squirrels scurrying around.

_DSC3007 Squirrel

I looked out at Lac St-Louis and in the distance there were some Goldeneyes.

_DSC3017 Common Goldeneye

As I was walking back to the main trail, I heard the call of a Northern Cardinal. I headed towards the sound. He was hiding in the brush. I manage to get a shot before he took off.

_DSC3031 Northern Cardinal

I noticed some sparrows along the path. I stopped and identified them as American Tree Sparrows. One landed on the tree close to me. I managed to get this shot.

_DSC3060 American Tree Sparrow

A little further, I notice a Tufted Titmouse on branch. I got a good shot but not a great shot.

_DSC3091 Tufted Titmouse

Nearby, there was a Downy Woodpecker. I squeezed off a few shots before it took off.

_DSC3125 Downy Woodpecker

I caught this Red-winged blackbird looking down.

_DSC3132 Red-winged Blackbird

A White-breasted Nuthatch dropped by.

_DSC3138 White-breasted Nuthatch

I spotted two White-tailed Deer at the edge of the forest, just before the marsh.

_DSC3178 White tailed Deer

There were quite a few Robins flying between the trees and the edge of the marsh.

_DSC3191 American Robin

The marsh was mostly frozen and this Canada Goose was walking the ice.

_DSC3204 Canada Goose

This Mink is all wet.

_DSC3242 Mink

I heard the call of a Flicker and I found it on top of a tall tree across the marsh.

_DSC3269 Northern Flicker

The terrain changed to grassy fields with a few trees.

I notice a brown blob on the branch near the top. It was an American Kestrel.

_DSC3280 American Kestrel

Here is a front shot

_DSC3319 American Kestrel

The sun came out and Chickadees were all around me. This one landed on a branch about 2 meters from me. I couldn’t help it. I took a shot.

_DSC3363 Black-capped Chickadee

I saw some Mallards on the ice taking in some rays.

_DSC3365 Mallard duck

A pair of Canada Goose flew right by me

_DSC3388 Canada Goose

That is all for today’s walk.

4 thoughts on “Refuge faunique Marguerite-D’Youville on Île Saint-Bernard”

  1. The mink looks a little grumpy. I think he’s asking “Where’s my towel? I left it right here on the beach!”
    Congratulations on a what seemed to be a very productive walk.

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